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Boudoir Info Guide

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Congratulations on booking your boudoir experience.

But now what? No worries, I'm here to answer all the most frequently asked questions for you to hopefully ease your mind and help you feel prepared for your session.


Here's what to expect....

It's 100% normal to have some nerves for your upcoming session, I get it, honestly I wouldn't expect anything less.

I'm here to reassure you and walk you through the basics of what a boudoir session with me is like and what you can expect every step of the way.

We'll start your session with some refreshments while you're getting your makeup and hair done by the amazing make up artist. After make-up and hair is done, we'll look over the lingerie options you brought with you

I always start all my boudoir sessions off with some classic portraits to get you used to my posing prompts and the sound of the camera clicking.

Help !

I don't know how to Pose?


One of the most frequently asked questions is "I don't know how to pose! Will you help me?" and the answer is YES!

I pose my clients 100% the entire time, seriously from your hair to your toes, it will not be left up to you to figure out how to pose. That's what I'm here for.

I work with real women, not professional models. Most of my clients have never been in front of a professional camera besides school photos or maybe at a wedding. I know how to pose all body types and I understand that most of us have areas of our body that we would like to downplay. I will get you into some silly poses that doesn't feel right, but the photos will turn our amazing.

Hair & Make up

You start the day with having hair & make up done in the studio.

You get to sit, relax, and get pampered by me and the talented make up artist.

We can do everything from a no make up look to a full glam make up look.


When it comes to waxing and spray tans, I always encourage clients to only do something they are used to doing. If you get waxed regularly and know how your body will react, go for it! If not, I suggest avoiding it.

We don't get super up-close and personal in those areas usually and most stray hairs can be edited out. However, super red rashes and/or burns cannot be retouched very easily and could make for not so pleasant posing for you as well.

When it comes to spray tans, there's a few rule:

- Spray tan 2 days before your shoot.

- Shower at least 2 times before you come into the studio.

Whether you get one or not, I promise you will have amazing pictures!

What to wear?

Having a boudoir session is a perfect excuses to go buy some new lingerie but it is not necessary. As part of your Boudoir Session Fee you'll get access to the client closet where you can borrow beautiful pieces for your experience.

If you choose to buy some new lingerie here are some of my favorites:

  • Body suits: They are always a great option for any and all body types! They're super flattering and come in so many styles, colours etc.
  • Two or tree piece sets: There is so many cute set's out there with lots of beautiful details.
  • A loose slouchy sweater or t-shirt with panties: It is comfy and it's casual. It is the perfect way to start a session and getting used to being in front of the camera.
  • Robes, Cardigans or Kimonos are all great to bring. They can add a lot to an outfit and it gives us something to play around with.

Album Packages

boudoir photography Melbourne

Album III

10x10” Album with 35-45 photos

Full gallery delivered as Digital

16x20” Metal or Framed Print


boudoir photography Melbourne

Album II

10x10” Album with 25-35 images

Digital copy of each album image

Additional images in album $50 ea


boudoir photography Melbourne

Album I

8x8" Album with 15 images

Add same 15 images as digital $350


Digital Packages

boudoir photography Melbourne

digital III

24 High Resolution Digital Photos

Fully retouched in both colour and black/white


boudoir photography Melbourne

digital II

12 High Resolution Digital Photos

Fully retouched in both colour and black/white


boudoir photography Melbourne

Digital I

6 High Resolution Digital Photos

Fully retouched in both colour and black/white



A few last tips to make sure you're comfortable at your session:

I recommend to start stretching a couple of days before your session. There will be a lot of lower back arching and stretching of the arms and legs.

Drink plenty of water leading up to the session, and wear some loose fitting clothes the morning of to make sure you don't have any un-wanted marks on your skin from tight fitted clothing

Most of all, RELAX! You're in good hands! I hope this guide helped to ease your mind and get you excited for your session! I cant wait to help you plan and encourage you to reach out with any other questions or concerns! Your boudoir session is going to be unforgettable!